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Pixiebobdreams - Pixiebob
Welcome to our new webpage, like many animal lovers I was looking for a favorite, and that were cats, but which ones?
After years of research my heart went to a Pixiebob, a cat with a dog attitude.
What is a Pixiebob?
You recognize a Pixie-bob by its dense boning, wild appearance and muscular body. The females are generally smaller than the males. But this is normal by most breeds.
Males can get up to 9 kg or even more, the females are smaller.
The Pixie-bob will grow until he is four years old.
Pixie-bobs are usually black at the bottom of their paws.
The Pixie-bob is the only breed where polydactyl  is allowed with a maximum of up to 7 toes for each foot. At other breeds this would be considered as a flaw.
Because this gene is inherited easily fifty percent of the Pixie-Bobs is poly.
Pixie-bobs that don't have this extra toe are called Straight foot.

The Pixie-Bob has a tabby, brown (black) spotted fur. This is the only accepted color.
The fur can have the following patterns:

Ticked Tabby: This fur has no pattern and looks like the fur of a rabbit.
Classic: circular pattern.
Mackarel: striped fur.
Broken Mackarel: The fur has stripes but these usually fall apart in dots. This is the pattern that you find on shows.
Spotted: The pattern is made out of dots. This pattern looks the most like that of the Bobcat.

The Pixie-Bob can have a long or a short fur. Both are water resistant.
The short fur is thick with a soft touch. The hair is a little longer at the bottom.
The long fur has an average length with slightly shorter hair on the back. At the end of the tail, in the neck and between the toes the fur is longer then on the other parts of their body.
The head of the Pixie-Bob looks much like that of the Bobcat. He has a long and wide nose. They often have fluffy ears like the bobcat. The eyes are of a medium size with prominent eyebrows. They are often brown-goldcolored or green.

According to the legend the American Bobcat mate with a domestic cat.
Carol Ann Brewer started working with cats who she thought had this wild heritage, but there have never been found any wild genes in Pixie-Bobs.
There was bred selectively by taking only cats with the nice appearance of a lynx.

Pixie-bobs are very intelligent, social, very curious (certainly when it benefits them) and not easily scared. But they are reserved towards strangers. The bond with their owners is very strong. They get along well with children and other animals in the neighborhood.
They also like to travel by car.

They easily learn to return their toys when you throw them.
They follow you everywhere and like to learn by you.
They also have a peculiar chirping sound.

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